The Baby Quilt

My step-brother is having a baby. Well, his wife is anyway. I purchased a kit from ebay to make them a baby quilt. It is the first of the projects with a time line. It also required me to get a new tool- a quilt design wall. A design wall allows the quilter to put the block pieces together before sewing so you can see how it all looks together and make changes. Most quilters hang a large (usually a queen sized) piece of flannel on a dedicated wall in their craft room.

My “craft room” consists of a corner of the bedroom and there isn’t a large enough wall for the fabric. So I had to bust out the glue gun and get crafty!

I did a lot of web research to find out what other quilters have done and finally found a project that I thought would work well-’s Portable Design Wall. I modified it a bit- I used a glue gun instead of duct tape and I bought a tri-fold board so that it would be larger. I also attached some decorative rope to the top of the board so that I can hang it from a hook on the closet door. Here is a picture along with the beginnings of the Baby Quilt:

I’m hoping to have this quilt completed in the next month.


About 12months12quilts

I am an educator and sewing teacher, crafting away in The Bay Area, CA.
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