Round Two of Project Samples

I have my first student tomorrow- yay!!  To ensure that I am ready for class tomorrow, I’ve spent the last week planning, buying supplies and making samples.  This class is so new that it isn’t even up on my class list yet (coming soon, I promise!) and is a crash course in machine sewing skills.

The first project I made is not specific for this class, but rather an addition to the sewing kit project.  It is called a Chalk Pocket:

Chalk Pocket

A Pocket to Store Your Tailor’s Chalk

No one wants to get chalk dust all over their sewing kit, so here is a little pocket, closed with Velcro, for storing your chalk.  I modified a pattern and project from Sewing School to make this by hand.  I thought about adding a button, but decided against it.

Next up is The Stitch Sampler.  When you first learn to use a machine, there is nothing more exciting than just trying out stitches and going free form, so this project is just that!



My Janome Sew Mini hasn’t arrived yet, but one of the projects for this class is the Sewing School 2‘s Sewing Machine Cozy.  I modified the pattern, and made mine reversible:

Which Side to Use?!

Which Side to Use?!

The next project is a pillow with a pocket:

Desmond is Not Quite Sure About the Pillow

Desmond is Not Quite Sure About the Pillow

The final project I selected for this class is a Zippered Pouch (also from Sewing School 2).  I have never sewn in a zipper, but the instructions were so clear, that it was a piece of cake!  I’m glad that my student will get a chance to learn this at a younger age than 41!

A Nice Pouch For Sewing Notions!

A Nice Pouch For Sewing Notions!

I had a lot of fun today making all of these projects, and I can’t wait to work with my student tomorrow!



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I am an educator and sewing teacher, crafting away in The Bay Area, CA.
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1 Response to Round Two of Project Samples

  1. Amie Plumley says:

    Love all of your projects! The Chalk Pocket is genius! 🙂 Can’t wait to see how the teaching goes. Have fun! xoxo-amie

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