“War Wounds”

My poor hands are in bad shape.  I had sewing calluses on my fingers to begin with, but they were formed using your standard sewing needles.  I was advised to use the John James “sharps” for the Hexagon Quilt so as to make the thread nearly invisible.  Yikes, sharps are right.  The needles are extremely thin and both ends are very sharp.  My calluses are not enough.  My fingers are peeling, I have a huge cut on my thumb and another on my index finger.

The worst part of all this is that while I really want to be working on the Hexagon Quilt, I am forced to work on other projects while my fingertips adjust.  I had hoped to finish the Hexagon Quilt in time to enter it in this year’s Marin County Fair.  Seeing as how that is in July, I need every bit of extra time to work on it.  We shall see!


About 12months12quilts

I am an educator and sewing teacher, crafting away in The Bay Area, CA.
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