Status Report for January

January was a busy month!  I didn’t get to do as much work as I had hoped, but still got a lot done!

  • Block of the Month Quilts- I have the first month block done for all three sets.  Next Monday I start month 2!
  • The Baby Quilt- I had hoped to be done with this quilt by now, but my Sundays have been so crazy that I haven’t been able to work on it.  I need to sew one more strip to the 2nd block then the bare bones will be complete.  Once the two large blocks are done, I will cut smaller strips to create the quilt top.  I have to have this quilt done by the end of February since the baby it is a gift for is on the way!
  • Cat Quilt- Thisclose to being done.  I need to finish the borders and assemble the whole thing.  I’m hoping to be finished with it this weekend.
  • Storybook Quilt- I barely got to work on this project all month!  I spent some time today and have all but one row of the panels done.  I am hoping to finish all the panels on Saturday.
  • Anchor Quilt- This is my most frustrating project due to the person who cut the pieces.  So many of the pieces are so poorly cut that I am having to do more work than the pattern requires.  I was also very frustrated to be almost done with a block only to find a missing piece.  Grrr.  I have 3 blocks assembled, but they need to be trimmed.  This quilt was originally titled “Funtime Quilt”  it is anything but a fun time.
  • 1930’s Flower Garden- Slow and steady is the key to this project.  I have about 22 finished flowers and 5 more in progress.  I really need to get a queen sized flannel sheet so that I can begin to pin the completed flowers to the sheet.  That way I can see the layout and how many more flowers need to be done.  In a few weeks, I will get to use the AccuQuilt Go Baby! for the first time.  I will need to cut the white calico for the flower paths and will be using the machine to do so.  I’m excited to finally get to use it!
  • Learn to Quilt- January- The top is done.  I need to sandwich it and do the binding.  I’ve put it off since I have never done a quilt binding.  I’ve always done the inside out method.  It is important to me to learn how to bind a quilt and I want to find someone who can teach me.  I went to a seamstress last weekend for my dress fitting and she is a quilter.  I’m going to call her up and ask her for a lesson.
  • Kitchen Herb Cross-Stitch- This is my bedtime project.  I usually work on it in bed while watching TV.  I have one of the herbs completed and am 60% done with herb #2.  This project should be done in a few months.

About 12months12quilts

I am an educator and sewing teacher, crafting away in The Bay Area, CA.
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