Creative Ennui

I’ve been in a state of creative ennui for last month and have done zero quilting.  I think the combination of the wedding craft craziness and getting costumes together for Wizard of Oz has tapped my resources for the time being.

I did begin work on a simple dress with fabric that I got from Jo-Ann’s.  Every year they sell pre-smocked material (here is a sample of the material designed for kids) that make it easy to make a cute summer dress.  I bought a really nice black and white, floral material and have the base of the dress done.  I just need to finish the straps and boom, in 2 hours time I have a great dress to wear in Mexico for our Honeymoon.

As for quilting, the only thing I have done is to cut and group some fabric.  I just don’t have the motivation right now to work on projects.  I’m going to make some time on Saturday to work on a project and I’m hoping that will get me back into the swing of things.

On a positive note, I have spent a lot of time developing curriculum around the sewing class that I want to teach.  I need to contact the rec department to see if I can get my class on the schedule for the fall.


About 12months12quilts

I am an educator and sewing teacher, crafting away in The Bay Area, CA.
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