It’s in the Bag!

I have been on a sewing bender these last few weeks, but am still frustrated by the lack of a system to keep me on track.  I finally realized that the right system has been staring me in the face.  My appointment book.  Now, I’m not like most people who go out and get a calendar and use that to keep track of dates, I actually use a regular notebook that I adapt.  I use my notebook to track my work hours, tax-deductible miles, daily schedule, check register and budget.  It’s all in there, and it works perfectly.  So, I went out and bought another notebook and created a Sewing Book.  In the first section are the five projects that in “In the Bag” (more on that later) along with a sewing journal, since I like to hand-write everything before it gets typed up.

Since I have so many projects in progress, I also needed a way to corral them and set up a manageable work plan.  That clicked when I was packing up to house-sit for the next two weeks.  I have this great tote bag that I have been dumping things in, and I decided to clean it out and pack a few projects to take with me.  Boom, instant work plan- It’s In the Bag!  I can fit five projects in The Bag and it will follow the old closet rule- to bring something in, you have to take something out.  Once a Bag project is finished, I can put a new project in.


The Bag

So, what’s In The Bag?

  1. The 1930’s Hexagon Quilt.  I have made really good progress on this, and I am nearly 50% done.  Considering the amount of work that goes into each row (10-20 hours) that is saying a lot!  I am going to try and work on it at least once a week, and hope to be done by the end of the year.
  2. The Honeymoon Quilt.  This project is about 75% done!  I had hit quite a roadblock with this quilt in terms of the layout, but something just clicked about 3 months ago and I have been working on it every chance I get.  I spent about 3 hours on it today, and I think that the top will be done by September!


    The Honeymoon Quilt

  3. Red Riding Hood Quilt.  This is a new project.  I found the “Walk in the Woods” fabric set on eBay and bought two 5″ charm packs.  I was anxious to try out paper-piecing using squares ever since I saw the Rachel Lynde character do it on the BBC version of “Anne of Avonlea.”  This was a trial project, and it is turning out quite nicely.  Here are a couple of photos of the progress:
  4. The Creepy Kitten Quilt.  Yes, that is really what I am calling it.  Take a look at the first block in progress and tell me you’d name it something else:

    It is coming to get you!

  5. The 1930’s Log Cabin Quilt.  I have wanted to learn how to make this classic square, so I bought a kit from a quilter on eBay who pre-cuts everything.  Here is the first square that I made:

    My first attempt at a Log Cabin Block

    My goal is that at least one project that is “In The Bag” will change out each month.  The rule is that the quilt top must be completed to change out.

    In other news, I did complete a project that I have been working on for a very long time.  The first of the two Kol Shofar Quilts is done.  This one features the children and families from Kol Shofar and will be hung up in the hallway by our classrooms.   This was the first quilt that I have made that has a real binding, and I did it all by hand:

    It took forever, but I finally figured out how to make “invisible” stitches

    Here is the finished quilt:

    Here it is!

    Finally, I have a side project!  September 3rd is “Star Wars Day” at the San Francisco Giants, and I am making my very own Darth Vader Snuggie to ward off the chill of the stadium.  I found an easy pattern here, and here is the fabric:

    Darth Vader Fleece for the win!

    May the craft be with you (sorry, I had to!)



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I am an educator and sewing teacher, crafting away in The Bay Area, CA.
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