Quilt-Hack: In Which I Adapt a Camping Table for Sewing

What do you do when your apartment has the world’s narrowest living room (seriously, the room is so narrow we were forced to get a flat screen TV) and so you can’t have coffee table?  You get creative!  I spent some time online looking for a low, folding table that could easily be stashed in a corner.  No luck, until I found this.  It’s a bit too rich for my blood, and the slats would make crafting difficult.   The reviews also put me off a bit, but it gave me the idea to look at a sporting goods store for a camping table.

I popped into Big 5 Sporting Goods and found this little table.  It was the perfect height, and very lightweight, but there were those slats again.  What’s a girl to do?  Suddenly it hit me- a cutting mat!  If I could find a cutting mat slightly smaller than the table, I could use Velcro to adhere the mat to the table (I want to make sure that the mat will stay still while working) and have a multipurpose surface to work off of.

I found the perfect mat at Michael’s.  It is almost the exact width of the table, and two slats shorter.  Materials

I spaced out the Velcro to be every other covered slat:


Then put the mat on:

Cutting Matand voila!  A small workspace that will fit neatly in the corner!

In the end, I did spend more than I intended to, but I’m going to take the table with me on my next camping trip.  That way I can justify this as dual purpose!




About 12months12quilts

I am an educator and sewing teacher, crafting away in The Bay Area, CA.
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