Yay! My First Classes Are Done!

Last Friday I taught my first classes!  A fabulous sister and brother duo had back-to-back classes!

Thursday night I made all my copies, packed up my supplies and tried to get a good-night’s sleep!  Friday morning I had the fun experience of schlepping all my supplies down our very narrow and very steep stairs.  I then put all my years of Tetris to good use in loading up my SMART Car!

My car is like a TARDIS

My car is like a TARDIS

My first student is taking the soon-to-be-added Simple Sewing Machine Basics class.  She has had a sewing machine class before, but it was time for a brush up.  We both had difficulty with the Singer bobbins (seriously Singer, you need to re-think the side load bobbins for machines marketed to kids!) but finally got the thing figured out!  She learned some machine skills like a lock-stitch and turning corners.  Her first project was a Stitch Sampler.  She wasn’t quite finished with it when our class time was over, but I was proud to see her continue to work on it while I started her brother’s class!

The brother is taking the Simple Sewing Basics, and he caught on right away!  I start my class with the Discount School Supply Alphabet Lace-Up Cards.  I like these cards, because they are two separate pieces.  I teach the stitch with the letter, then they learn how to hold two pieces of material together by “stitching” the letter to the square card.  Once he grasped the basic concept, we moved on to his first project- the Needle Case.  He was very excited to learn that he gets to keep all of his patterns.  He wants to make projects for his sisters.  Awww!

Time went by very quickly, and soon it was time for car Tetris and good-byes!  I have my second class session with them tomorrow where Pincushions will be made!

Happy Students!

Happy Students!


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I am an educator and sewing teacher, crafting away in The Bay Area, CA.
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