Keeping Organized and Obsessed with the 1930’s

I have so many projects going at the same time, that I had to find a way to stay organized.   I’m a compulsive list maker and I love setting tasks and checking them off.  Knowing this about myself, I got a little notebook and dedicated a page to each of the 12 quilt projects, the Learn To Quilt Series and the needlecraft projects I have going.  In the back of the book I made a weekly schedule of what projects would get priority on any given day.

Every time I work on a project I make little notes in my book about what I did and what still needs to be done.  It’s a quick visual to see how on track I am.  Today I worked on the Cat Quilt and when I went to write my notes, I saw that it has been weeks since I worked on it.  I made sure to schedule out some time this week to finish the project since it is so close to being done.

This book is also a place to sketch out ideas for how I want to layout the projects.  Here’s part of the 1930’s Hexagon Quilt page with ideas for how to group the flowers:

I’m still playing around with the layout, and it is nice to have somewhere I can gather the notes.

Even though I am only accountable to myself, part of me feels that writing down project goals is the only way to stay on track.  Sadly, I have gotten a little off track with all my projects except one.  I am completely obsessed with the 1930’s Hexagon Quilt right now.  After weeks of tediously sewing the flowers, I have reached the fun part of the project- putting everything together.  I still need to make more flowers, but I want to know where I am right now with what I have.

Here’s the progression:

Step one- make the flowers

Step two- put them together with the “paths.”  This was taken last Wednesday.

Step three- Keep on keepin’ on.  This was taken this afternoon after 4 days of intense sewing.

Seeing it all come together is so exhilarating that it is all that I want to do.  I just want to keep working on it so that I can see it completed.  But, I have a deadline coming up on the Baby Quilt.  That baby isn’t going to wait, so I need to get cracking!  I’ve made the 1930’s Hexagon Quilt, my “reward” project.  Provided that I accomplish my sewing goals for the day, I can spend the rest of my project time on the Hex quilt.


About 12months12quilts

I am an educator and sewing teacher, crafting away in The Bay Area, CA.
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