My Two Favorite New Tools

I spent the night babysitting and decided to work on the Baby Quilt.  In addition to making great progress on the quilt, I now have two favorite tools to share.

To help my poor little fingers, I invested in a leather thimble.  I have freakishly small fingers, so most thimbles slide right off.  I finally found The Clover Natural Fit Leather Thimble in a small and I am a happy girl with happy fingers.  The thimble fits snugly on my finger and doesn’t inhibit my sewing.

I normally only take the 1930’s Hexagon Quilt with me when I can’t be at home, but since time is of the essence I knew that I had to take the Baby Quilt.  Pressing seams is vital, and I couldn’t take an iron with me, so I took my second favorite new tool with me- a seam presser.  I got it in the Klutz Quilting Book that I bought a month ago and that tool alone is worth the cost of the book.  It is simply a piece of plastic that you run over the seam to get it to lay flat.  I was totally skeptical but it totally works.

And speaking of the Klutz Quilting Book- I am going to be starting my “On the Bookshelf” section soon with reviews of the quilting and pattern books that I have stacking up in my house.


About 12months12quilts

I am an educator and sewing teacher, crafting away in The Bay Area, CA.
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4 Responses to My Two Favorite New Tools

  1. Oh I need to check out that seam pressing tool. I hate having to get up and down to press seams all the time.

  2. I checked it out. It seems to be designed for hand piecing. I machine piece. So will it work for me?
    I did find this tool (you have to scroll way down, the site is pretty awful) that seems like the same thing. It is called a little wooden iron. Is the book worth buying for itself? (as a fairly experienced quilter)?

    • It looks identical to the Klutz one. I do all hand piecing so it is perfect for me. I would try it out with some scrap to see if it works for machine piecing. The Klutz book is really designed for beginners (like me).

      Pardon any major spelling errors as I learn to use this thing!

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