Two Down, Ten to Go! Plus- Costume Extravaganza!

Today was an insane day of crafting and sewing!  Purim is a week away which means the Spiel is looming!  We bought the costumes for the leads this year, but I still needed to make parts of the costumes for the ensemble, embellish Hamanator (Haman’s Minions) shirts and cover up the “I heart wieners” emblem on my costume.  Today I sat down and got 90% of it done.

First I focused on the cover up needed for my costume.  I am playing an assassin and I am a food court employee, specifically a Hot Dog on a Stick worker.  It’s an 80’s Theme this year, so just go with me 🙂  This proved to be a VERY hard costume to find.  The only thing I could find was the “sexy” hot dog on a stick costume, complete with “I heart wieners” across the front.  Since I refuse to wear that at the Synagogue, I had to go and get something to cover it up.  I found some iron on letters at Jo-Anns and put my character’s name across the front.  It’s not perfect, but it works!

Next I got the glue gun and put “Hs” on the male Hamanator shirts, fixed “Esther’s” shirt for a quick change, and put some batting in my hat so it will stay up.  I wanted to do more , but needed to get sewing!

The girls in the ensemble are wearing tube skirts- red for the Hamanators, brown for the Jews.  I wanted to use a stretchy material that didn’t need any hemming, so I decided to use the T-shirt type of cotton.  They didn’t carry what I needed at Jo-Anns, so I got creative and went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and bought Jersey Knit Sheet sets in brown and red.  I cut the sheets up last week and spent today making 14 elastic waist skirts.

Since the machine was already loaded with the brown thread, I decided to quickly finish up the Cat Quilt.  I got it finished and put it on the bed for Desmond to inspect:

It met with his approval, and he settled in:

I feel like I’m on a roll now that I have two quilts completed!  My 1/4″ piecing foot arrived the other day, but is stuck at the post office until Monday.  Once I get it, I am going to make a Noah’s Ark Baby Quilt for our rabbi’s new baby.  This will be my first machine to be pieced entirely by machine!


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I am an educator and sewing teacher, crafting away in The Bay Area, CA.
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