Getting Crafty- Updated!

With the wedding a little over a week away, it is time to get down to business!  On my to-do list today is to stamp card stock to use as table signs, prep our “Best Wishes” cards, make the bridesmaids gifts, pretty up the baskets for the bathroom and finish the chuppah.  Just a few things!  Luckily, I have tomorrow off and can finish up whatever I don’t get done today.


So, I’ve made a dent!  The Table Tents are done, as are the “Best Wishes” cards.  I also got the Memorial Piece done that is honoring my Aunt and Uncle.  Here’s what I did:

Table Tents– I could not find anything that I liked in the stores or online, so I took my awesome Maid of Honor’s suggestion to use blank cards with the table numbers written on them.  I spent about an hour at Michaels yesterday searching for either large number stickers that weren’t gross, or large number stamps.  Nada.  I did find a nice archive quality ink pad in a copper tone that has a great sheen to it, a sweet dragonfly stamp and a pack of 50 blank cards in a soft cream.  Today I went to Joann to see what they had to offer and found more of the same- nada.  I did find a nice, rustic looking set of alphabet letters, so I decided that I would just have to write out the table numbers.  They actually came out lovely:

Best Wishes Cards and Basket- We decided long ago that we did not want a guest book.  I’m planning to order prints of our photos and put them in an album myself and thought it would be nice to have cards with notes from the guests mixed in with the photos.  So, I took the rest of the cards from the Table Tents project and cut them into fourths.  I then used a Fiskars decorative border punch to give it a little added touch and stamped the dragonfly in the corner.  I’m going to pick up several pens in the copper color and will put them out on the greeting table for the guests.  For the basket, my MOH had some leftover ribbon in our colors, so I tied a tiny ribbon on the handle and am leaving it at that.  Here is what it looks like:

Memorial Piece– My mother’s brother and sister passed away last year and we are feeling their loss keenly.  This is the first time we are all getting together since my uncle’s funeral, and we wanted to honor both of them at the wedding.  Well, we are an Irish family, and they both had a signature cocktail, so we are honoring them at the bar.  After the wedding the guests will be served Old Fashioneds or Mahattanans during the cocktail hour.  At the bar will be a lovely floral arrangement with Bells of Ireland and a framed photo collage with some great photos of Uncle Bob and Aunt Dot.  My cousin Kelly was amazing and dug up these photos.  Here is my favorite:

I still have a lot more to do, so make sure to check back tomorrow for more updates!


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I am an educator and sewing teacher, crafting away in The Bay Area, CA.
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3 Responses to Getting Crafty- Updated!

  1. Emily says:

    Hey Tracy-
    I’m loving reading your blog 🙂 If you find you need more photos of Grandma Pat and Uncle Bob for your photo collage, let me know- I can fedex a bundle down to you.
    Excited to see you next weekend,

  2. garden2day says:

    What great memories of the past and of the future that you are creating.

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