Long Time No See

Yes yes, I know.  I have not posted in ages.  I’ve been going through fits and spurts of creativity and didn’t want to have the same updates of little to no news.  So I decided to wait until I was trucking along with some projects.  So here I am, trucking along!

I’ve spent the last few months focusing on two of the hexagon quilts, the Honeymoon Quilt and the 1930’s Flower Quilt.  The Honeymoon Quilt is almost done (photos are below) and the 1930’s Flower Quilt is about 30% done with 3 full rows of flowers and one in progress.

I re-started in earnest the Kol Shofar Quilt that was supposed to have been done two years ago- oops!  The idea was that we would have the congregants decorate quilt squares with fabric markers on our last day celebration before we left the building so it could be renovated.  We ended up with enough squares to make two quilts, so I took the ones that were kid and family oriented and set out to make a quilt for the religious school.  I had made some progress in the two and a half years since, but still had much more to do.  Since I am off work until Monday, I decided to pick it back up and try and finish it before the winter break.

Here is the layout:

I made great progress today, especially because I had help:

I’m going to spend more time on it tomorrow and hope to have the top completed.  If I stay on track, I could have it ready to hang by our next session of religious school!

Here are photos of the Honeymoon Quilt:

First Flower

Second Flower With Path

Joined Together


Getting Bigger!


About 12months12quilts

I am an educator and sewing teacher, crafting away in The Bay Area, CA.
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