Adventures in Honeymooning- Part 3

Sunday, June 19- We had a relaxing afternoon on the beach (only to be chased off by a couple having sex in the pool behind us, and the arrival of the “woo” girls).


When we got back to the condo, we found that that Zihuatanejo was under a hurricane watch, that quickly turned into a warning.  We had planned to go to a new restaurant a couple blocks away, but realized that we needed to get prepped for the weather to turn.  So the plan was to got to Commercial Mexicana for supplies, then take a taxi to the restaurant.

It started to drizzle as we got to CM, but was pouring by the time we left.  We still decided to go to the restaurant, but weren’t quite sure where it was.  Our taxi driver ruled, and went the extra mile to find it for us.  When we arrived at Candela only to find that it was an open air restaurant.  I tried to explain to the driver that we wanted to go back to our condo, but he misunderstood my rudimentary spanish, and thought I was worried about getting wet while walking to the restaurant.  I am very glad he did!  He popped out of the taxi and came back with a waiter carrying a large, patio umbrella.  Needless to say both the driver and the waiter got big tips!  The staff set up a table in the very small interior of the restaurant, and we proceeded to have a lovely meal in a beautiful place!

This picture does not do the restaurant justice. It is simply beautiful.

Dinner was great, and the weather had cleared by the time we were done, so we walked home with our vital supplies to see what Beatriz had in store for us.

Monday, June 20-  It has pretty much been raining all day.  The pool looks ready to overflow and frogs are all over the place.  I’ve been taking video periodically, and you can find them here on my YouTube page.  Beatriz was officially classified a hurricane at 8pm PST, but it is now to the north of us.  We are getting all the lovely “fingers” of the storm.  Our only fear is that our flight tomorrow will be affected.  If we aren’t able to get out of Zihuatanejo tomorrow, we will be here until Friday.  Normally that wouldn’t be such a bad thing, but we have Club 33 reservations on Thursday and DO NOT want to miss that!


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