Teacher is the Student

As a teacher, I think it is vital that you continue to learn.  Not only is learning new things fun, but it shows your students that education is a lifelong adventure, not just something you do to get a job.

As a sewing instructor, I am by no means an expert seamstress, and I certainly have new things to learn!  That was my goal over the weekend. 

It started as an organizing project.  My sewing table was out of control!  There were magazines and books stashed in every shelf and UFPs (Unfinished Projects) lurked everywhere!  I finally decided that something needed to be done!  I started by doing a serious triage on my books.  I pulled all of my craft books off the shelf and got rid of all the books that are no longer needed (about half of them!) and went through the remaining books to find relevant projects or tips. 

Next, I went through some of the UFPs to figure out the next steps.  For the most part, they were the Block of the Month projects from Jo-Anns that required applique.  I decided to cut out the shapes using the freezer paper method, and maybe, just maybe try some applique.  I got as far as cutting the shapes out 🙂

Next I found the Red Riding Hood Quilt that I had started tying off, but was nowhere near finishing.  I have always wanted to try machine quilting (I have never finished a quilt with any method other than tying) and remembered a very simple method in one of my books.  So, I went ahead and started.

Holy Cow I'm Quilting!

Holy Cow I’m Quilting!

I now need to carefully cut out the ties and finish the quilt.  It will happen!

The lighting at my desk is terrible and lately the only work time I have is at night, so I decided on Sunday to finally tackle the hand applique work, since I can do that in another room.  I decided to keep the edges raw and use a blanket stitch.  I found a simple tutorial online, and got started.

Not Too Shabby!

Not Too Shabby!

I’m starting to get the hang of it, but my fingers are not happy!

1 of 4 Complete!

1 of 4 Complete!

It is certainly not perfect, but I like that I have finally tackled this skill!




About 12months12quilts

I am an educator and sewing teacher, crafting away in The Bay Area, CA.
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