Student Made Samples

I had a lovely day sewing with my students today.  My first student made his own stuffy by drawing out a picture then tracing it onto the muslin (a project from Sewing School).  He decided to make a stuffy of a Minecraft character named Steve.

Introducing Steve

Introducing Steve

My second student is focusing on decorative stitching, so she is creating a letter sampler.  This is not a traditional sampler.  She is just learning how to sew, so we started with lacing cards, then moved onto posterboard lacing cards with holes punched in them.  I taught her the Straight, Chain and Split Stitches.  We decided that the Chain Stitch was a little too hard, so we settled on the Straight and Split Stitches for her project.  The next step was to use 1 inch alphabet stamps to stamp the letters onto posterboard and muslin.  I punched holes around the stamped letters using a tiny, confetti hole punch so that she could practice her stitches on a smaller scale.  Once she had mastered the stitches on the posterboard, it was time to work with the fabric.  She did a great job!

Split Stitch

Split Stitch

My last student of the day got a lot done!  She finished her Sewing Machine Cozy, used freezer paper to trace and cut out the eHold pattern, and started on her Secret Message Pillow (Thank you Sewing School 2!)

Sewing Machine Cozy

Sewing Machine Cozy

I am looking forward to next week to see where we go next!!!


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I am an educator and sewing teacher, crafting away in The Bay Area, CA.
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