These Are The Things Teachers Live For!

At class yesterday, one of my students proudly displayed the thread pouch he made.  I looked at it, and could see that he had taken all of the skills that he had been taught- making knots, whip-stitch, and finishing knots- and even added a new one- adapting a pattern- to make it.  As a teacher, this is what I live for!  I love it when a student takes what you teach them and does their own thing.  This little boy has been making things each week (outside of class) and is continually refining what he makes.  He tries things and figures out what doesn’t work before he makes the next thing.  I look forward to seeing what he has created each week!

Here is his thread pouch:

A Velcro top Thread Pouch

A Velcro top Thread Pouch

The whole family is fantastic, and I love teaching all of the kids!  I started teaching the youngest this last week, and she is a quick learner!  We made lacing cards out of posterboard for her to practice a straight stitch, chain stitch and split stitch.  Chain stitch is tricky, but she is getting it!

The oldest daughter is almost finished with her sewing machine cover, and has already scoured the book for patterns that she wants.  She wants to make a lunch bag for school, and is planning on making the eHold bag.  I can’t wait to get started on that with her!

It was also quite lovely to leave with this:

Yummy chocolate cake!!

Yummy chocolate cake!!


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I am an educator and sewing teacher, crafting away in The Bay Area, CA.
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