Multi-Tasking: What Else is Happening While I Sew?

As I have mentioned before, I do pretty much all of my sewing by hand.  I will be piecing a quilt by machine before the year is out, but for the most part all of quilts will be hand sewn.  Why?  I am an expert multi-tasker.  I have reached the point where I can’t just do one thing (unless I am at a movie or live theater).  So what else is going on while I am sewing?  Here is a short list:

  1. The most common thing is watching TV.  Usually I am parked on the couch or in bed and sewing while watching History Channel or something like that.  OK, many times it’s total trash like “Toddlers and Tiaras” or “Bridezillas,” but the point is I am watching TV while sewing.  I do have a wonderful craft corner in my bedroom, but it is used more for marking lines and using the AccuQuilt than it is for sewing.  The couch is my number one spot for working!
  2. Working.  Yep, at times my job allows me to have time to sew.  That usually happens when I am directing a Purim Spiel rehearsal, waiting to greet people at the Synagogue or hanging out on Wednesday evenings with my teens before school starts.  That’s why I love the Hexagon quilts, easy to start and stop as needed.
  3. Babysitting.  I still babysit.  It’s great money and allows me time after the kids are asleep to get some work done.  I have a cute little sewing box that I stock with my tools and switch out the projects as needed.  The Cat Quilt and the Baby Quilt got the benefit of babysitting nights which is why I am as far along with them as I am.
  4. Rehearsals.  As an actor there is a lot of downtime once run-throughs start.  Especially if you have a smaller part.  I have made curtains for the king, skirts for elves and trunks for elephants while at a rehearsal.  Now that I am co-producing a show, I usually have a baggie with Hexagons ready to go while I am observing a rehearsal.
  5. Sitting in the waiting room.  I don’t sew while waiting for the doctor, Kaiser doesn’t give me much downtime in the waiting room!  I have sewn while waiting for my car to be fixed at the Toyota Dealership.  They always offer to drive me home so I can wait there, and I usually turn them down.  I’ll sit in the waiting room and get some work done instead.

About 12months12quilts

I am an educator and sewing teacher, crafting away in The Bay Area, CA.
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