Adventures in Honeymooning- Part 2

I had planned to write this later in the day, but as the generator has already kicked on once, I figured that it was better to write sooner rather than later!

Saturday, June 18th- Finally woke up feeling good!  I was starving, but as I hadn’t had any real food in several days, I had to take it easy.  We went back into town to get peanut butter and gatorade so that I could slowly move back to real food.  By the time we hit town, I was ravenous, so we went to La Sirena Gorda for fish tacos.  I could barely eat half of one, but it certainly helped me feel better!

After town, I needed a rest, but felt up to going back into town for dinner at another of my favorites- Cafe Chuleto.  My love for Cafe Chuleto deserves it’s own blog, but I won’t go into that now.  Read the linked article and you will understand a little why this place has a special place in my heart.  We strolled down the Embarcadero towards the restaurant only to find that it was closed.  For a moment I was heartbroken, then we peeked inside and saw that there is still furniture inside.  I’m pretty sure that it is just closed for the summer.  So instead we went back up the walk to Elvira.  We were the first diners to arrive and were alone for a bit (very nice!) but then a very drunk American dude came in and loudly demanded a White Russian.  Oh boy.  He had a local with him who was trying to keep him unobnoxious (good luck!) but he just kept going and going until he chased his friend off.  The bartender actually served him, which was a little shock (we found out why later).  Over the course of our dinner, el borracho assailed the bartender with stories of being 1. a Navy SEAL, Air Force Captain and 3. a Hell’s Angel.  We also come to find out that he has been kicked out of his hotel and is looking for a place to stay.  His other favorite quote- “You’re gonna want a guy like me on your side when the war comes.”  He was really hot on predicting the next world war.  At one point he realized that his White Russian was really just milk with ice (smart bartender! ) and stood over the guy as he poured him a new one.  It was about then that we realized we needed to leave, soon.  When we asked for the check we found out that el borracho had picked up the tab and quickly exited to the 3rd prediction of the next world war.

Part 3- coming soon, as long as the weather will let me!



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